How It Works

After the user logs onto our website here,
they will be asked to log in via Facebook so that we may have access
to their demographic information.
Once we are granted access to their
Facebook information, we can then take their variables using Facebook’s Open Graph technology, (ex. gender, age, etc.) and group them into demographic groups. We also incorporate the user’s name and profile picture to enhance the narrative aspect of the program.

After doing so, we generate a website that is most relevant
to that demographic group to create the most efficient, personal feel
possible. In this case, we change what video, infographic, and even
some textual differences that each person sees.

In the experience:
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Specialized Video
Part 3: Age and Gender Specific Infographics
T infographic  Tmoreinfo
Part 4: Monetary Comparisons
Part 5: Call to Action

We encourage you to try our program at!