Why It Matters


This is The Impact Project, specifically catered to smoking cessation. We provide a personalized medium for current smokers to realize the impact of their bad habit on themselves and their loved ones. Many anti-smoking campaigns do not target the user specifically. Instead, many campaigns are generalized. By using Facebook’s Open Graph technology, we cater anti-smoking videos and statistics to each individual. No two results are the same. No impact is the same. We create specialized change that will resonate with the user. We pride our approach on being just personal enough.

To get more specific, we have the user log into our site through Facebook, granting our technology access to their profile data. After Open Graph gathers the demographics from their profile, a video and infographics that match their characteristics are showed. For example, if the user were a mid-aged father, then video playback would be a testimonial from a father or child talking about how second-hand smoke affects the health of their family. Additionally, there would be statistics catered to his gender and age. For more information on our project specifications, please visit our “How It Work Tab.”


Welcome to The Impact Project.