Our Story

     This is our story of how our project went from not personal.

To too personal.

To just personal enough.

When we were given the opportunity to use Facebook’s Open Graph technology to create an anti-smoking application or website, we were flooded with ideas. Some were practical, some were not. After much guidance from our mentors in the New Media Institute, we decided to create the personalized website messaging that can be shared with and recommended to friends.

Once we ran with our idea of creating a static page with a call to action, our coder had trouble getting our program approved by Facebook. Without Facebook additional permissions, we are able to pull certain information about the user such as their name, age, gender, etc. With the additional permissions, we would be able to use geographic location, race and other specialized information that could create a more specialized message. We never gave up, re-applying multiple times for additional permissions.

During the application process, we had to move forward with our project, so we decided to use what we had and make it as personal as possible. To do this, we conducted extensive research for relevant statistics that differ mostly by age and gender. We decided to use a narrative format in order to engage the user. We encourage you to try out our program at here! Below are a few pictures of our initial drafts as a wire frame. Feel free to compare those to the final project on the website to see just how far we’ve come.


The Draft: Wireframe

Slide 1 of Wireframe

Slide 2 of WireframeSlide 3 of WireframeSlide 4 of WireframeSlide 5 of Wireframe